Day three in Italy

We have reached the last full day of our trip to this beautiful place, we were here for 4 days, but on the last one we had to leave at about 6 in the morning, so that really doesn’t count. On our last day here we first grabbed some breakfast a.k.a. the cookies and stuff we had left from the day before, after which we hurried to the Uffizi museum. And rightly so because the place is huge. My advise would be to search the internet before you go here, to get an idea of what you want to see. Especially on the first floor, where you will start your journey. There are a lot of rooms, and because of the business in this museum you can then walk right to the art you want to see instead of waisting time on waiting for stuff which might be more common.

There a paintings and statues here by the greatest artists of the late mid evil renaissance, like Da Vinci, Botticelli and Rafaël. Well known paintings like ‘The birth of Venus’ and a self portrait of Rembrandt can be found in these halls. But while you’re at it, don’t forget to look at the museum’s largest art piece: The building itself. Wherever you look, you’ll see the wealth and greatness of the Medici family who had it built as an office building, and owned it for a very long time. On the top floor they opened a gallery in their time, which grew over the years to what it is today. There are really no words to describe this museum. Here you’ll find paintings from all over Europe.

Detail of the ceiling in the Uffizi Museum, if you look around you will find the great artists of time past

There is one other thing you can do, which probably has gotten famous by the ‘Inferno’ book: The Vasari Corridor. Unfortunately we didn’t go through this, but I really would like to have done this. It is a passage which goes from the Palazzo Pitti, on top of the Ponte Vecchio, to the Uffizi museum to end up in the Palazzo Vecchio. It was a secret passage used by the Medici family to get from one palace to another without being seen by the people of Florence. Nowadays you are able to make the same walk as they did back in the day, with a guide. You can book this on different websites.

Looking from the corner of the Uffizi to the Ponte Vecchio on which, at the top the Vasari Corridor can be seen

So, after we went through the entire museum (or at least the parts of it we really wanted to see) about 4 or 5 hours had past. We left the museum on the backside because of construction, so we walked on to the Santa Groce Basilica, which is not that far from here. My mom really wanted to go here, because one of here friends told her it was beautiful on the inside. I must say, I didn’t hate the outside either. Unfortunately, because of the warm weather, my mom wore shorts and a tanktop, and you are not allowed in any church when your knees and shoulders are not covered. The front of the church is busy with women trying to sell you scarves so you can enter, but weren’t going to do that for just visiting. So we settled on finding a place to sit on the terrace on the piazza, right in front of the church to eat the best pizza we had while being here.

Because our feet hurt from the slow walking in the museum, and we really didn’t have a plan for the rest of the day, we went back to our apartment to rest a little and decide what we wanted to do. We hoped we could climb to the top of the Duomo, but again, because of not entirely being covered up we could not enter, same was with the Baptistery. We had no other choice then to go and walk around. We went to soms little local shops, which was pretty fun. Then I had a brilliant idea: With the Firenze Card I wrote about earlier, you have access to all museums. So why not go to whatever we wanted to see.

David by Michelangelo

While in Florence you have to at least see the most famous statue in the city: The David. Although there are several copies (in different sizes) throughout the city, for instance in front of the Palazzo Vecchio, The original statue can be found in the Galleria dell’Accademia. The strange thing was when we entered, we thought there would be some signs to show you where to find this particular masterpiece. Whether we missed them, or they really were not there I don’t know, but we had to go look for it. As expected there were a lot of people around this 5m (17ft) high sculpture. After taking a few pictures we quickly left, because it was a little crowded for our liking. And with this our little citytrip was as good as over. We of course had some dinner that day, and went to bed early, as we had to be at the train station at 7AM or so. I most certainly would like to go back to this amazing city, and recommend everyone to visit. The history, scenery and entire vibe of this city is really something you have to experience for yourself, and you won’t regret it!


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